Wallpaper Removal at Freiboth Painting

Freiboth Painting provides complete efficient services to help you improve the look of your house or office. If you are planning to do interior painting you should make sure you are ready for any obstacle that might come your way. Throughout the years of our experience, our contractors have learned to remove wallpaper smoothly in a timely manner.


There's no better service when it comes to wallpaper removal. If you have tried to take down wallpaper, you understand the difficulty and the mess that wallpaper can bring. A professional has the proper equipment to extract the wallpaper through a careful process. You might want to call one before you run into stubborn removal problems or water damage.


The biggest problem of wallpaper removal is dealing with the glue remnants. There will be spots of glue stuck onto the remaining wall. They must be removed and smoothed before applying paint or new wallpaper. If you do this incorrectly, the chances of ruining the paint job are high.

Call Freiboth Painting today to get the tenacious wallpaper out of the room.


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