Exterior Painting at Freiboth Painting

When it comes to exterior painting, weather and seasonal factors become more of an issue than they would for interior painting jobs. Wood may expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity, making more uneven surfaces to work on. Also, it is harder to take on a paint job when it is rainy outside. Our skilled painters are good at telling when weather might be a potential issue and are prepared for any cover up or rework that may need to be done before or afterwards.

Exterior painting requires a bit more prep work, generally. You may be dealing with outdoor environmental factors like bugs, dirt, algae, alligatoring, and wrinkling. A painting company will have to sand off and scrape loose paint, and possible use chemical stripping removal methods. For specific materials, additional tasks may be required like removing rust with a wire brush from uncoated steel. With so many factors to consider, you definitely want a professional handling the job.

An experienced painter will fill any cracks and holes in your stucco or caulk any gaps between siding boards before starting actual painting. To learn more about exterior painting in Fullerton and surrounding areas, get in touch with us at Freiboth Painting.


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